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product design

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Product Design

The studio carries out product design projects.

Our team of designers is ready to work and support customers

- also through our design, graphics and communication services -

in the development of their “product design ” (literally design of the product), with attention and meticulous care.


design of a deck system for the outdoors


design of a deck system for the outdoors




design of kitchen




project of an internal steel staircase



What is a Product Design project?


     We are available together with our customers to focus and translate their idea of ​​serial production into concrete objects - which best express their personality and uniqueness - to best meet the needs of the market and their business or personal activity. Ours is a work that is as technical as it is artistic. Being a product designer means following and controlling every phase of the creation of your product, from the analysis of the market to the choice of the target, from the design to the choice of suitable materials, from the creation of 3d models to the development of the design up to marketing. We have created product design products, in the most diverse areas, both in the public and in the private sector: furniture elements for indoor and outdoor, objects and accessories for the home, kitchens, floors, windows, etc. This multisectoral knowledge of ours and the different production techniques acquired over time, today allow the studio to be able to manage all phases of design and implementation: from the concept to the production of the projects that are entrusted to us.


If you need to create a new "distinctive" product design project for your business or person, and you are looking for a design studio, our team at Pareo Design Studio will surely be able to help you find the best solution for you!​

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