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project and design studio in Lecce

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360 ° design experts



We propose a complete design on various levels. We work and coordinate projects of architecture, interior design, product design and graphics, all these disciplines together in an identical project. We bring all the skills together in a single structure necessary to ensure a synergistic and coordinated execution of each project.

project and design studio in Castiglione delle Stiviere
project and design studio in Lecce

headquarters in Lecce

headquarters in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN)


     Pareo Design Studio is a real multidisciplinary studio that works on a wide range of interiors and architecture.

It's activities makes use of a team of very valid collaborators, able to provide all the services necessary for the design and construction of new buildings, renovations, interior furnishings and graphics for private customers and companies.

Manage and coordinate all the works: from the preliminary stages, to the executive design, from the management of the construction site to the interior design and everything necessary for the completion of the project, with an overall vision of the work.

The studio therefore presents itself as the only interlocutor (General Contractor), willing to support the customer in all the various phases of the project and also as the only filter between the client and the suppliers.





- Single reference figure -


Project managed and coordinated in all its phases: preliminary, executive design, site management up to interior furnishing by a single reference figure (GENERAL CONTRACTOR), including the relationship with the various suppliers and companies. ​

- Original and customized project -


The specific needs of the customer have priority and are the starting point in the search for design solutions, our only “Mission ”: interpret them, implement them and adapt them to their function, always with an eye attentive to evolution, technological innovations and available economic resources. Project studied in detail, from the distribution of spaces to the choice of materials and furnishings, details that make the difference.

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Our studio is also a showroom, a space where people and things, projects and objects coexist, an ideal place to create ambitious and unique projects of their kind. An innovative, inviting space, but also an orientation for our customers in the choice of furniture, materials, finishes and various construction techniques. ​ ​A composite place, able to be both a demonstration of the design skills of the studio and the ideal scenario for the display of the best products of ’furniture and design “Made in Italy “hanging in particular the uniqueness à and the beauty.


Massimo Pareo
Marco Francesco Pareo

Massimo Pareo

Marco Francesco Pareo


Founder, Architecture & Design

Partner, Graphics & Design

Born in 1993.

During and immediately after the end of his studies in Architecture and Cultural Heritage at the University of Salento, he expanded his training within planning and design studios and, at the same time, followed several companies in the province of Lecce as Designer, Graphic Designer and Web Designer; dealing with rendering, graphic design, visual design, exhibition stands, web marketing and photography.

His desire to grow, leads him to currently follow several companies in Lombardia (precisely in Desenzano del Garda) as Art-Creative Director.

In addition to taking care of the image of other companies, he manages and follows the second branch of Pareo Design Studio hand in hand.

Born in 1964 since an early age, he is inclined to design and architectural planning.
His entire period of education was combined with training at various design studios and manufacturing companies in the various furniture sectors. Knowledge and skills acquired, today they still contribute to the collaboration with numerous leading companies in the sector.
He is a furniture consultant and project manager, a versatile designer ready for any challenge; attentive to attention to detail, quality of service, management of the works, but above all to the needs of the
He takes care of the field of architecture and design at 360 degrees, from the renovation to the total design of new buldings, from thr lighting of the rooms to the arrangement of the gardens, from the management of the interior design to the supply of furniture. ​

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We are always looking for external figures and collaborations with the best professionals.


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