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Design and Construction of Houses andVillas


design and construction of houses, villas and buildings



   The client's perspectives, aesthetics, functionality and the economic resource available, are the primary components of our creative ” realization “concept to give life to a project of a house.

Your every project idea will come true, whether it's a new private residence, a villa, a renovation or a residential building. We study and propose projects with an elegant and refined style. Projects where you can distinguish the work of an architect from that of an interior designer It is very difficult; in fact, defining the boundaries of competence in our project proposals is almost impossible.

In carrying out these projects, our vision of the work is overall, and the idea proposed runs from the inside towards the outside, aiming to create comfortable architectures and environments, where exterior and interior communicate with each other.

   PAREODESIGNSTUDIO is the combination of cone technical and decorative knowledge, essential to offer customers functional but at the same time pleasant solutions.

We define ours "interior design architecture” because we design interior spaces so that they interact with the external ones.

The shapes and external volumes obtained are the result of the harmonious, ergonomic and functional study of the internal layout. The three-dimensional representation of our projects and the photorealistic renderings are our project presentation tools, available to the customer to examine and better understand what the final result will be before starting the work.

For you we can coordinate suppliers, companies, artisans and anything else essential to carry out the work in all the phases necessary to carry out the project of your home, with a always attentive to the quality of the finished work.



Interior Design and Furniture


specialized in interior & outdoor design




PAREODESIGNSTUDIO is the interior designer.

Is the consultant who guides you without overcoming your indications, able to combine your ideas, decipher them and then direct them towards a design solution in line with your expectations, aesthetics, functionality, available economic resources and your space to design.

We are the right solution for designing spaces that are attentive to the needs of the person, to make the most of the environment in which they will fit.

We design and transform environments, independently from the typology, such as a private home, a villa, a commercial activity, an office, a reception space or an exhibition event, to satisfy any customer request.Our interior projects carefully define the layout of the environments that The user will live, so that their functionality and usability is well defined. n everything, in every single element, in every detail: from the arrangement of the various systems, to the type of artificial lights; from floor or wall coverings, to colors to finishes, all elements that must coexist in full harmony.The three-dimensional representation of the project and the photorealistic renderings of the environments are our presentation tools, available to the customer to facilitate understanding, choice , and to have a clear view of the materials, colors, lights and furnishings inserted before starting work. Trust us, we will certainly be able to advise you in the best possible way, in solving certain technical or stylistic problems, also offer you different alternatives to choose from and make sure that everything falls within the budget you set. We are able to realize in the smallest details what you have always imagined. ​



We Realize your Projects


A single interlocutor

for the perfect success of your project


 GENERAL CONTRACTOR" a single professional figure for the perfect success of your project.

In practice, we are a figure able to simplify the process for clients who are about to start any new project, a renovation or a transformation of environments, regardless of the type, such as a private residence, a villa, a commercial activity, an office, a reception space or a trade fair event, because we propose ourselves as the only interlocutor for the owners of the work.

Professional, you can count on an ongoing relationship of the various technical figures and workers involved, on certain times and costs for the realization of the work, moreover we are also responsible for defining the estimates and in compliance with the agreed times.

Our internal structure will take care of what is necessary for the realization of any project, from the initial stages of the technical and aesthetic feasibility study, to the drafting of the executive project with relative drafting of the metric calculation that clarifies all the economic aspects of the path up to its conclusion.

With our figure of GENERAL CONTRACTOR you have the advantage of stipulating a single contract for the realization of your project. We have a strong design and technical competence, so much so that we can manage the project and its problems in the best possible way and with synergy.In the case of problems, there will be no discharge of responsibility from the designer, to the construction manager, to the executor etc., but we will find the right and most effective solution.

Our ”GENERAL CONTRACTOR ” service should not be considered an additional cost, but rather an investment in terms of services received. Just think of the very often underestimated time factor but in fact a not insignificant cost, we will save you time and experience the realization of your project and its final result as a real investment both in the immediate and in the long term. ​ 



We realize your projects


graphics & rendering




   PAREODESIGNSTUDIO is a studio that deals with graphic design in general. We offer our customers customized and quality design and implementation solutions, in the context of traditional graphic design such as logo study and its realization, brochures, brochures, product catalogs, press campaigns, posters, and any other type of advertising material. The design and the project will be carried out by working directly on ideas and sketches studied together with the customer. Advertising graphics are a concrete tool to encourage and consolidate the ’ idea of your business, we will look for the best stylistic ideas to make your communication effective and incisive. We are graphics specialists and we work with passion and professionalism.





   Our studio specializes inrendering,using the most modern and high quality 3D modeling techniques, useful for promoting industrial products and architectural projects. In fact, both sectors, Industry and Architecture, very often resort to this technique to promote their products even before they are made or in the design phase. We offer our customers this technical service to better display their ideas, products and projects that they will then have to implement in reality. For your idea or project we create rendering solutions: a versatile and relatively inexpensive solution; which will allow to match the realism and attention to detail of the product, of the built construction, of the interior of an environment before actually realizing it. ​




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